Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Materials on the Miracle

The research is starting to come in for our exploration of the 1944 Epidemic. Some sources we knew we could count upon, and our thanks goes to the Catawba County Museum of History, Melinda Herzog, Executive Director, for their files on the story as we get further into our investigation.  Some come from unexpected places.  During our recent interview with Shilda Berry Burns, she revealed a mountain of research she had conducted in relation to the epidemic, some of which you see here.  With her gracious permission, we have borrowed some of the materials she so painstakingly hunted down.  In addition, columns in the Lenoir News-Topic (by Arlene Neal) and the Hickory Daily Record (by Skip Marsden) have brought contacts with a variety of those afflicted by polio.  Our thanks for the publicity.

The promo for "Research the Miracle" is being aired on Charter Communications regularly, thanks to CVCC's own Mary Reynolds. A big thank you is in order also for Carolyn Reinhardt who made this blog a reality, as well as the CVCC webpage on "HandsOnHistory" and "Research the Miracle". We are also indebted to the creativity of Melanie Zimmermann, who got things started with our 'crutches' logo back in August. 

And the momentum continues to build.  The learning community met Tuesday, 11/12/13 to take the next step in the progression. Other great things are in the offing and as soon as possible will be debuted here on this blog.  Stay tuned...

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